An ambitious 31-year-old father’s fight to rise above mediocrity

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” — Abraham Lincoln

Very few men do well across the board. Some acquire wealth at the expense of love. Some acquire love at the expense of ambitions. Some earn the respect of others while…

On priorities and the subtle art of doing one thing at a time

I discovered the side-hustler’s dilemma back in middle school shortly after we’d all survived Y2K.

The year was 2001. My friends and I killed time playing Nintendo 64, waiting for the impending release of Diablo II for PC. My parents had recently upgraded the family computer to a next-gen beast…

It’s 2018. If you’re a hiring manager and you’re still relying on a recruiter to send you candiates, you’re already obsolete.

Up until about five years ago, it made sense to let a recruiter weed through piles of generic applications and send you what they thought were the most appealing…

Monsanto has lost the public opinion battle, but are we failing to ask important questions?

Bayer got a raw deal when they bought chemical maker Monsanto in June. A few months after the deal closed, a jury found the newly acquired company’s flagship product, RoundUp, caused a San Francisco school groundskeeper to develop cancer. Bayer was ordered to pay the man nearly $300 million. …

Blake Gossard

Science, Economics, Philosophy

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